As you know, quality is a control that does not come out at the end of the business but at the very beginning. How does this happen without even starting the process? Thanks to the R&D department. In order to ensure that your order meets every detail in your requests, various transactions are made at each stage. Let’s take a quick look at these work done before the order processing is done so that it is compatible with the desired features.

We can classify these studies in three groups:

  • The ISO 9001 Chemical and dyeing compatibility tests
  • Physical Tests,
  • Chemical Tests,

Now let’s get to know the chemical and physical tests closely from these tests.

Paint Charge (LOT) Test

The operations that will be applied to your order are the application process on the order’s sample with the same water, paint and chemical proportions before applying to your order.

PH Test

It is a test to determine the quality of the chemical by which the pH is measured by preparing a 10% solution of the incoming chemical.

Solid Matter Test

It is a solid analyzer and a manual test which measures the suitability of solids quality by measuring the moisture content of solid chemicals.

Hardness Test

It is a process of taking 50 ml of water from the water sample and determining the suitability of the water by measuring the hardness of the water through a number of processes.

It is the application process with the same water, paint and chemical ratios on the order sample before the processes to be applied to your order are done.

As it is known, quality is not something created at the end of the process, it is something that lasts from the very beginning to the end. The quality department also keeps your order under control for the entire production process in accordance with your product order in order to achieve this goal.

As an example of quality control activities:

We can define these as color control, washing and rubbing fastness control, color and surface control at drying stage, final inspection with measurement method in quality control machine at the end of the process.

The quality control department is equipped with color control optics and also with a spectrophotometer. In addition, tests such as weight, shrinkage and rotation are also carried out. If an error is detected on the order at the last checks made prior to shipment, the order is taken to the quality control machine to be checked again. The error and its cause are reported to the responsible department and the error is removed from the process.

In our laboratory, we find the color ratios to give the desired color to the order. We have a large color archive in our laboratory. Colors are produced in our pipetting machine without touching. After the dyeing and drying process, the final color of the order can be seen by working on the sample in the drying and dyeing machines in our laboratory. Then the prepared color chart is sent to the customer for approval.