Giriş Depo8

Storage Entrance

Your orders are in the integrated computer environment and in the input depot until the instruction you give where the storage logic is fully seated. Click for Details.


Raw Material Control

In this section, you can find out the needle leaks, yarn abrasion etc. that may have been caused by the producer and supplier company of your orders. Click for Details.


R & D

This is the section where your order is checked for compliance with the actions to be performed after the instructions have been taken. Click for Details.



Once we receive your order, the laboratory works on the color you want and your color is approved. If you approve the color, your order is then given to the operation for processing. Click for Details.


Dyeing Facility

This is the section  where dyeing, washing, bleaching and some special enzymes you have requested are applied to your order. Click for Details.



This is the section where all finishing operations such as bare finishing are carried out. Also in this section, it is assured that your order reaches the desired values. Click for Details.


Product Quality Control

Your orders are subjected to periodic checks at all stages of production. Click for Details.


Ironing & Packaging

This is the section where the last ironing and packing of your orders are done. Click for Details



Embosan Textile is able to meet the needs of our customers in the shortest time and in the highest quality with the sales of all kinds of knitted fabrics in Turkey and abroad. Click for Details.